Offshore Installation Engineering

We are Offshore Independents

We are Offshore Independents

In the offshore industry, reliable independent technical advice is of great importance. We can guarantee this independent advice, because we do not own any assets and because we do not have links with contractors, owners or banks. Since the beginning of our enterprise, this has been our trademark. Our services cover complex engineering analyses, procurement & tendering support and project management & consultancy. We have a loyal and valued customer base consisting of operators, contractors, engineering companies, asset owners, law firms, government and lenders. We deliver quality engineering support both to the offshore oil and gas as to the renewable industry.

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Installation Project Engineering

For more than 10 years, OI Project Engineers have worked in a variety of projects related to the installation and decommissioning of subsea equipment, cables, pipelines, offshore structures and other systems.


Marine / Naval Engineering

Our Marine/Naval Engineers thrive on providing solutions to the most complex problems. Our field experience and project management skills complement our technical expertise in order to provide our clients with safe and robust solutions.


Structural Engineering

Our structural department has wide experience in designing, verifying and analysing a large variety of structures and equipment and always ensures the structural integrity throughout the full lifecycle, from manufacturing, transport towards installation site, installation, operations until removal and decommissioning.


Geo Engineering

The sea bottom provides the foundation of almost every offshore structure, but at the same time it can be the most hazardous part of the project. In addition, the cost associated with the design and fabrication of the foundations of subsea structures is a significant portion of the total project budget. As a result, understanding the seabed properties is vital.


Consultancy, Specialist and Support Services & Training

We support your team during every phase of the project’s life cycle, whether it concerns the development, preparation (engineering and procurement), execution (construction, installation and/or commissioning), operations or decommissioning phase.


Visual Engineering

A Drafting Department is more than just making drawings. We provide a service, translating the engineering calculations to illustrative language (a picture is worth a thousand words), we give new insights, we identify potential problems and risks and when all the design calculations are done right, we confirm them on paper.


Pipeline Engineering and Design

Our experienced pipeline engineers and designers offer a range of services covering all stages of subsea pipeline projects from start to finish.

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