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Working with a group of 30 engineers who are all specialised in different fields, as well as a clear vision for the future, we can manage oil and gas projects all around the world as well as provide our advice, knowledge and support.

We are independent

In the offshore industry, reliable, independent technical advice is of great importance. We can guarantee this independent advice, because we do not own any assets and because we do not have links with contractors, owners or banks. Since the beginning of our enterprise, this has been our trademark. Our services cover complex engineering analyses, procurement & tendering support and project management & consultancy. We have a loyal and valued customer base consisting of operators, contractors, engineering companies, asset owners, law firms, government and lenders. We deliver quality engineering support both to the offshore oil and gas as to the renewable industry.

This is our reputation

Safety is the most important factor in any project. But besides safety there are other factors that determine a project’s success. It is our art form to discover what these factors are for each project, and how we can best guarantee a quick and safe operation time.

This practical mind set has allowed us to manage oil and gas projects for over a hundred clients for more than 15 years now. In addition to employees, we have also collected a network of specialists who support us in projects both big and small.

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What our clients say

“Seaway Heavy Lifting requested Offshore Independents to assist us on the one of our recent projects on the engineering required for the cable installation and offshore spool piece fabrication scope, both of which are not considered to be SHL’s core business. Offshore Independents showed flexibility and good cooperation to assist Seaway on a timely delivery of engineering documentation. The “getting the job done”mentality of Offshore Independents matches SHL’s approach and resulted in successful project SHL and her Customer.

Hans van Maris

Project Director – Seaway Heavy Lifting

“Robert showed very good self initiative to understand the problem of subsea pipeline which is not his subject area. He was collaborative and prompt in responding to our suggestions. He developed very helpful FEA model to assist the execution of the job and presented results to understand format. Robert showed excellent engineering aptitude and leadership capability. We loved his collaborative attitude. “Offshore he was instrumental in driving change when needed at crucial moment.

Principal Technical Expert Subsea Pipelines – Shell

“Van Oord Offshore has contracted Offshore Independents to provide a comprehensive range of services. Offshore Independents’ sheer hard work and professionalism has delivered top quality results. I would like to thank Offshore Independents for their work which has proven to be very valuable to Van Oord Offshore!

Director – Van Oord Offshore B.V.

“For a fast-track tender process, DISA International and her consortium partners recently engaged Offshore Independents for engineering support. The know-how, professionalism and enthusiasm of Offshore Independents have most defiinitely contributed to the timely submission of a comprehensive tender package. It has been an absolute pleasure to cooperate with Offshore Independents and we look forward to a next occasion to make use of their excellent services.”

Hans Reinigert

Managing Director – DISA International

“Noordhoek has been awarded an extensive IRM package in the North Sea involving their two new build vessels, the Noordhoek Constructor and the Noordhoek Pathfinder. Noordhoek was faced with a number of challenges, primarily the extremely short preparation time and have contracted Offshore Independents to provide technical and project management support. Offshore Independents has shown to be highly competent, adaptable, engaged and focused to get the job done. Thanks for the excellent cooperation with the Noordhoek team and management!”

Cees Noordhoek

Director – Noordhoek Offshore B.V.

Who are our clients?

We support contractors, engineers, operators and developers in the execution of the most challenging offshore infrastructure projects.

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Our team

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