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A Drafting Department is more than just making drawings. We provide a service, translating the engineering calculations to illustrative language (a picture is worth a thousand words), we give new insights, we identify potential problems and risks and when all the design calculations are done right, we confirm them on paper. Our Drafting Department supports both our in-house engineering departments and our clients.


We provide proffesional storyboards that present key points of the operations:

  • Lifting equipment (i.e. loading and offloading)
  • Recovery of Tidal Devices
  • Pipeline Recovery
  • Pipeline Abandonment
  • Pipeline Laydown
  • Clamp Installation
  • Rigging Recovery/Installation

We focus on presenting the information in a way that everyone who uses our drawings can clearly see the process and easily understand what needs to be done.

  • Pipeline
  • Tidal Devices
  • Rigging
  • Clamp installation


As Drafting Department we do more can do more than making drawings only, we support with:

  • Clash Checks
  • FEA modeling, e.g. in ANSYS / Spaceclaim 
  • Equipment Design
  • Storyboards

Our challenge is to create the design from your head to our drawing!

  • Structural Drawings
  • Construction Drawings
  • Rigging Design & Installation Drawings
  • Installation & Lifting Plans (incl. storyboards)
  • Vessel, Deck & Field Layouts
  • Mooring & Anchor Plans
  • Safety & Escape Plans

Track record

SPT Offshore

Suction Piles for Various Projects

  • Drafting Services
  • Netherlands

3D modeling of barge and steelworks for Greater Changhua OWF (Taiwan)

  • Drafting Services, Geo Engineering
  • Taiwan

Drafting support for Subsea Clamp Installation

  • Drafting Services
  • Netherlands
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