Internal Project (2022) Behaviour of suction bucket caissons during transportation

Offshore Independents

Project description:

As a project of Offshore Independents, the behavior of suction caisson jackets was investigated during their transportation. The structure’s large diameter compared to the small wall thickness turns it into being flexible, which should be stabilized in an already moving barge. Furthermore, the caisson is partially supported in the base perimeter, in order for the loadout equipment and barge to coexist.

OI’s scope of work:

  • Perform a parametric study by changing the boundary conditions (support points) of the caisson and examine it’s behaviour:
    • FEM analysis
    • Linear and non-linear analysis
    • Equivalent von Mises stresses and it’s components
    • Directional deformations (radial, tangential and vertical directions)
    • Eigenvalue buckling
  • Apply the most optimal configuration to sufficiently support the caisson


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