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As Offshore Independents, we are a group of driven engineers with an entrepreneur’s spirit, who like to contribute to the sustainable development of (renewable) energy systems. As reliable and independent engineering experts, we support stakeholders in the Offshore wind & Oil gas industry.

We have a passion for technic. With engagement of driven and passionate colleagues, we use our engineering expertise to connect: with each other, with our clients and with different disciplines. We believe that connected engineering will increase efficiency. And that will make sustainable energy more affordable. In order to achieve this, we focus on investments in long term relationships, evidenced-base decision making and improvements in our day-to-day business. Safety and quality have our consistent attention. We are transparent, honest and responsible in our actions.

For our organization we have developed our own management system. Our management system is focused on maintaining quality and continuously improvement. In order to this, we monitor internal and external developments, control risks, we are customer focused, establish a motivating work environment with competitive conditions and we continuously learn & improve ourselves. Do you want to know more about our QMS? Please contact us!

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