Sapref Pipelines, Durban, Stress Analysis


Project description:

Tideway was contracted by Shell to perform a post lay lowering of a 15 year old 48″ pipeline where the seabed was experiencing sand migration and erosion. This was causing the pipeline stresses to approach the maximum allowable limit. Using a Twin Fan Mass Flow Excavation (MFE) Tool, the seabed was smoothed out and the pipeline was lowered 1m.

OI’s scope of work:

  • Performed Detailed Engineering prior to the operations
  • Assisted offshore during the lowering operations.
  • Created the proposed trench profiles that were targeted with the MFE Tool and performed the associated Stress Analysis using Orcaflex.

OI worked closely with the Client (Tideway) and the Project Owner (Shell) to successfully lower the pipeline stresses and bury the pipeline to safeguard its future operations.

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