TurkStream - Project and Contract Management

South Stream

Project description:

South Stream Transport BV, a company owned by Gazprom, is constructing two 32 inch, (approx.) 900km long pipelines through the Black Sea, from Russia to Turkye, called Turkstream. The water depths exceed 2200 m.

OI’s scope of work:

  • HSE (internal system audits, vessel audits, development of emergency response system and documentation, developments of personnel Travel Advisory Documents, project risk assessments and management of mitigating actions).
  • Logistic support (harbour audits, assessments on suitability and any required refurbishments, project required vessel overview with particulars, vessel suitability surveys, assessments on required vessel modifications with associated budget and schedule, assessments on required storage areas and harbour services, storage Yard requirements and required project manning).
  • Contract management for General services, construction of line 1 and 2 and landfall facilities.
  • Procurement / Tender Support for contract development.
  • Developing ITTs.
  • Managing the Procurement / Tender Process.
  • Contract Negotiation.
  • Overall contracting strategy review.
  • Task Force meetings.
  • Risk Management.


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