Our Engineering services

Offshore Independents is renowned for its vast experience with the development of subsea offshore facilities (pipelines, SURF, etc.), both in shallow and deep water arenas around the globe. We offer support throughout the feasibility, definition and execution phases of projects.
Our practical experience and knowledge allows us to align the various project stages (engineering, construction and operations) bringing significant value in terms of operational efficiency, cost and schedule. Our engineering disciplines include; Concept Selection and Design, Project Development Studies, Feasibility Studies (Commercial and Technical), Installation/Construction Studies, (Pre-)FEED Studies, Installation Engineering, Structural design & analysis.

OUR Expertise

Pipelines and cables

Pipeline design, route optimization, lay method selection, free span analyses, pull in procedures


Design management, structural engineering, installation engineering, fabrication, construction and installation management of fixed and floating and subsea structures.


Installation procedures,  stress analyses & design for all types of riser systems and umbilicals

Pipelines and Cables

With our extensive background in S-lay, J-lay, reel and pull/tow methods, we are able to define, review and advise on all offshore pipeline installation techniques, as well as on protection and burial systems. These capabilities apply to rigid or flexible pipes, pipe-in-pipe or insulated pipe products, fiber optic and power cables, and associated services such as trenching and diving — at any location, from shallow to ultra-deep water. And when recognized methods are not appropriate, Offshore Independents develops workable alternatives, either by modifying existing techniques or by inventing new ones.
Offshore Independents personnel have thorough and in-depth experience with pipeline projects, from its inception up to de-commissioning. Pipeline design, route optimization, lay method selection, free span analyses, pull in procedures.

  • Rigid Pipe, incl. trunk lines as well as flowlines
  • Deepwater Initiation and Termination products
  • PLETs
  • Inline structures, jumpers etc.
  • Shallow water Initiation and Termination products
  • Shore Crossings
  • J-Tube Pull-Ins
  • Spoolpieces etc.
  • Trenching
  • Emergency pipeline intervention technology
  • (Pre-)Commissioning Operations
  • Inspection, Repair and Maintenance operations


Before and during your project, Offshore Independents provides structural engineering expertise, for both permanent and temporary installations. We are highly proficient in the areas of marine lifting and transport, as well as platform modifications and vital repairs. Our hands-on offshore construction experience pays valuable dividends in the translation of your inspection (IRM) results into effective and cost-efficient repair and modification plans. For fixed or floating platforms — from a regular jacket up to FPSO, GBS, SPAR or TLP — our staff has been engaged in a wide range of projects.

Structural Design
  • FEM simulations / Analytical calculations
  • Steel fabrication design and drawings
  • Dynamic/Buckling/Fatigue/Plasticity
  • Structural Engineering support for Ops
  • Grillage and Sea-fastening
  • Barge, Vessel, Boat integrity
  • Installation tools and equipment (rigging)
Installation procedures
  • Crossings, Mattresses
  • Spool Pieces, Pipeline Heads
  • PLEM’s, PLET’s, ILT’s
  • Jumpers
  • Risk assessments


Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines (SURF) projects are an important component of field development activities. With the expansion of exploration and production to deep and ultra-deep waters, the scope of these projects becomes progressively more challenging.
Offshore Independents has extensive experience in a wide variety of SURF projects, involving rigid riser systems, SCR (Steel Catenary Riser), flexible and hybrid riser systems. With solid in-house SURF expertise, based on in-depth practical experience, theoretical knowledge, and a successful track record in solving numerous engineering challenges, Offshore Independents has the know-how to anticipate all the various contingencies and requirements that may emerge during the fulfillment of your project.

  • Installation sequence determination
  • Buoyancy tank connection
  • Lowering and stab-in analysis
  • Installation of Upper/Lower Riser Assemblies
  • Determination of Pre-lay SCR configuration
  • Recovery and Keel-haul analyses
  • Clash check studies
  • Wall thickness sizing
  • Coating determination
  • Clamp design and spacing
  • Corrosion assessment
  • Wave interaction
Track record

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