Seagreen 2 OWF FEM Engineering Support


Project description

Seaway 7 is responsible for the transportation of the foundations (suction bucket caissons) and jacket support structures for Seagreen OWF. The Seagreen OWF comprises 114 WTG to be located in Scotland.  Two different transportations will be carried out (long-haul – from the fabrication yard to the marshalling yard; short-haul – from to marshalling yard to the offshore installation site).

OI’s scope of work:

Seaway 7 requested OI to support them with the following engineering work:

  • Analysing and verifying the Ultimate Limit State (ULS) capacity of the suction caissons during the short-haul transportation for several grillage concepts (proposed by Seaway 7).
  • The FEM work including a non-linear elastic-plastic analysis and a linear buckling eigenvalue analysis for the purpose. ANSYS software was used for the referred scope.
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