Internal Project (2022) Floating Wind Installation Analysis

Offshore Independents

Project description:

One of the challenges of floating wind is the installation method. This study aimed to develop an installation method to improve the workability of a wind turbine installation on a Tension-leg platform (TLP).

Before continuing this study a comprehensive motion analysis is made. The analysis consists of a relative movement result of the different components. This way the workability is determined which has to be improved later.

OI’s scope of work:

  • Comprehensive review of current Floating Offshore Wind installation possibilities
  • Hydrodynamic analysis Ansys AQWA
    • Tension-leg Platform Characteristics (RAO’s)
    • Influence vessel disturbance
  • Workability Analysis OrcaFlex
    • Model configuration
    • Relative motion + Limits + Wave data -> Workability determined
  • Results processing
    • Validation and Rosettes (Python)
  • Concept selection/development
    • Concept considering sketching (Rhino)
    • Feasibility study
  • Design & modeling lifting operation OrcaFlex
    • Evaluation of bottlenecks and iterations
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