Operational Support

SSTTBV - TurkStream – Project and Contract Management (2015 – present)

For the Southstream pipeline project Offshore Independents provides project managements services including amongst others; Contract management for General services, Procurement / Tender Support for contract development, Managing the Procurement / Tender Process, Risk Management, QSHE audits and logistic support

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KCI /Hollandia – EWE Riffgat, design management and cost controlling HV Substation installation

Strukton and Hollandia, two renowned construction companies from the Netherlands, have secured the contract for the development, construction and the installation of the Riffgat substation in the North Sea. Offshore Independents was contracted by Hollandia to provide project management services including; Design Management and QA, progress monitoring, cost control support and interface management with fabricator

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Noordhoek Offshore – Maersk Overall Project Management Support for IRM project (2013)

Maersk has awarded a contract to Dutch diving outfit Noordhoek Diving. The project entails Inspection, Repair and Maintenance works associated with 30 platforms in the Danish sector of the Northsea. Offshore Independents was contracted by Noordhoek to provide Overall Project Management support, including construction and operations management.

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N-Sea – Project Management and Operations support for Perenko 2013 GVI IRM campaign

Offshore Independents was contracted by N-Sea Offshore to provide Overall Project Management support, including operations management.

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Seatrucks – Total Anguille, Project Management and Operational Support

Seatrucks Rotterdam was contracted by Total for an EPIC project for a 34 kilometer 16inch offshore pipeline in Gabon. Seatrucks contracted Offshore Independents for providing all project management services on the project including; Budget, Quality and planning control, operations support and contract management

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Wintershall – Project management for K18 Golf

The project entails the design, fabrication and installation of two new subsea completions in the K-18 area with a 8” “daisy chain” tie back to the K-15 NAM platform as well as a controls umbilical. It includes the design, fabrication and installation of the riser and J-tube at the NAM K-15 platform. Offshore Independents was contracted by Wintershall to manage the above project during the period between March 2010 and early 2011.

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