Seatrucks – Total Anguille

Seatrucks – Total Anguille

Project description:

The project corned a 34 kilometer 16inch pipeline in Gabon. The project was an Epic project for the OI costumer. The OI client was Seatrucks Rotterdam with the main Client Total Paris. The project concerned Detailed and Installation Engineering as well as execution of the project with the Jascon 34 and support vessel. The pipeline was laid in shallow water between 2 platforms.

OI Scope:

Offshore Independents was contracted by Seatrucks Rotterdam to assist in all phases of the project:

  • Key personnel was delivered to the project team, such as:
    • Project Manager
    • Deputy project manager
    • Diving manager
    • Survey manager
    • Operations manager
    • Contracts manager
    • Offshore Superintendent
    • Field Engineers
  • A mobilization advise was given to the vessel operations department.