River Lake Solutions – Comores Islands Anchor Mooring Analysis & Design

River Lake Solutions – Comores Islands Anchor Mooring Analysis & Design

Project description:

Cementia Trading is assessing the possibility to discharge dry cement to a cement storage facility to be installed near the Port of Moroni on the island of Comoros (Grand Comore).

The Port of Moroni lacks berthing arrangements for large commercial vessels.

The concepts under consideration by Cementia is of a cement vessel that is moored between two mooring buoys approximately 50m off the shore with the ship’s centreline lying parallel to the coastline. Floating dry cement transfer hoses connected to a pipeline system run from the ship’s side to the land area controlled by Cementia where the cement storage silos are located.

Cementia Trading has contracted River Lake Solutions to provide the Project Management Consultancy for this project.

OI Scope:

River Lake Solutions has contracted Offshore Independents to review an anchoring assessment report. Based on that report, OI provided Engineering support for the following disciplines:

  • Method Statements
  • Installation procedure for anchor system and buoy
  • step by step installation plan
  • Equipment list for anchor system installation (specs for marine equipment)
  • MTO for permanent materials (for procurement)
  • Sourcing, negotiation and inspection of permanent materials
  • Support for installation of anchors and buoys at location