St. Nazaire (2022) Project & Field Engineering Support

DEME Offshore

Project description:

The EDF Renewables and Enbridge Inc. consortium is developing the St. Nazaire (SNA) offshore wind farm, around 12km from the coast of this French region.  SNA is the first offshore wind farm to be installed in France. It will provide 480MW by means of 80 GE Heliade 150-6MW wind turbines. The project is expected to be finished by the end of the year (2022). The consortium Eiffage-SDI-DEME Offshore (ESG) was the contractor responsible for the EPCI of the 80 monopile foundations and  their transition pieces.

OI’s scope of work:

DEME has contracted OI to provide project and field engineering support on the T&I secondary works. The following specific activities are to be overviewed and planned as part of the SOW at every installation location:

  • Collecting the levelling jacks and unscrew the fixations bolts used for the correct positioning of the TP on top of the MP (no longer needed after grouting).
  • Retrieving the pressurizing hoses used to power the levelling jacks.
  • Monopile internal wall inspection (by means of ROV) and other as-found inspections.
  • Performing take-over inspection to hand the installation over to the client.


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