Bluestream – Project Engineer (2018)

Bluestream - Project Engineer

Project description:

Bluestream is contracted by its clients for several projects (e.g. Inspection Repair Maintenance campaigns, subsea and above water interventions, etc.). OI has been contracted to provide engineering support within the Rope Access, Diving and ROV divisions of Bluestream.


OI Scope:

Bluestream has contracted OI to perform the following Engineering support:

Develop project-specific documentation:
 Hazard Identification Risk Assessments,
 Project Execution Plans, bridging/interface documents
Develop step-by-step engineering procedures/work instructions
Create drawings (deck layouts, platform inspection drawings, etc.)
Support vessel mobilisation/de-mobilisation, perform on board checks
Liaise with and co-ordinate the activities of vendors and subcontractors in support of the project
Organize and carry out equipment mock-up trials
Provide an Offshore Site Engineer during the decommissioning campaign of oil wells