IRMS – DCN Pipeline Analysis

IRMS – DCN Pipeline Analysis

Project description:

DCN in consortium with SGI was contracted to perform a permanent pipeline repair on the 32inch pipeline connecting Labuhan Maringgai to Muara Bekasi. The scope included:

  • Pre-Engineering of the repair option
  • Design Engineering of the repair option
  • Procurement of the repair equipment
  • Installation/Repair
  • Commissioning
  • Recertification of the repaired pipeline


OI Scope:

OI was subcontracted by IRMS to assist with the pre-engineering, design engineering, procurement, repair and recertification scopes. Specifically the following activities were carried out:

  • FEM Analysis of the pipeline in current state and repaired state
    • To determine ECA parameters
  • FEM analysis of the pipeline clamp
    • To support repair clamp supplier
  • Procurement support and development of repair procedures
  • Design verification for recertification of the repaired pipeline